Thematic Areas

Biodiversity, ecosystem, and livelihood
• Agriculture and livestock
• Biological invasion and threats to biodiversity
• Ecosystem dynamics and restoration
• Ecotourism in and outside protected areas
• Gender and livelihood
• Plant and animal diversity
• Protected area and people
• Water and wetlands

Climate change and disaster
• Climate change, global and local, scientific evidence
• Climate change impacts on social, economic and environment
• Climate change adaptation (CbA, EbA, NbS), resilience
• Development and disaster, DRR
• Earthquake, landslide, flood, GLOF, drought, lightning, snow avalanches, epidemics

Economics and management
• Capacity development/building
• Good governance
• Labor relations and human resource management
• Public administration and small business entrepreneurship
• Public spending
• Social marketing
• Rural and urban developments

• Alternative energy, constraints and opportunities
• Energy, prosperity and infrastructure development
• Energy supply and demand
• Energy diversification and energy use efficiencies

Health and medical science
• Disease and health
• Occupational health
• Public health and environmental pollution

Indigenous knowledge and technologies
• Biotechnology and food technology
• Electrical, electronics and computer/information technology
• Indigenous and traditional knowledge
• Innovative technologies for industry, health, household and companies
• Nanotechnology

Pollution and control measures
• Air, surface water and land pollution
• Ground water pollution and control
• Remedies and pollution control technology
• Waste management

Socioculture and humanities
• Anthropology and history
• Gender and ethnicity
• Journalism
• Law and political science
• Psychology

Conference Details

Conference Date: April 4 – 5, 2024

Venue: Central Department of Environmental Science
Institute of Science and Technology
Tribhuvan University
Kirtipur, Kathmandu

Important Dates

Abstract submission deadline: Falgun 27, 2080
Selection and notification: Falgun 29, 2080
Registration deadline: Chaitra 2, 2080
Orientation workshop: Chaitra 7, 2080
Poster and PowerPoint presentation submission: Chaitra 17, 2080